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top 10 digital marketing companies in kolkata

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata

Small and medium-sized digital marketing companies in Kolkata are thriving. As their owners have embraced digital marketing channels and found ways to maximize their return on investment. This type of business has experienced steady expansion.

Advertising goods and services online are the origins of what is now known as “digital marketing.” It includes a wide range of things including retargeting, analytics, business intelligence, and driving organic traffic to the client’s website via keywords, SEO, etc.

You absolutely cannot make it in the market without these. They evaluate your ability to compete and offer solutions focused on return on investment (ROI). They also evaluate the exchange rate optimization and measure the length of time your audience stays engaged.

Here is The List of The Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Kolkata –

●    Kreative Machine

Kreative Machines is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Kolkata with international outposts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Indeed, among the agencies serving Kolkata’s business community, Kreative Machines is among the highest in terms of the quality of service provided to its patrons. Young, imaginative, & dedicated employees work tirelessly to provide clients with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and build enduring partnerships.

●    Curvearro

As a leading digital marketing firm, Curvearro calls Kolkata home. With overseas outposts in the likes of the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Australia, their global presence is undeniable.

With over a thousand satisfied customers and ten years of expertise in digital marketing, they have satellite offices in nearly every major city in India.

●    Promotion Vibes Info-Systems

PromotionVibes is a cost-effective digital marketing company in Kolkata. They set out with the intention of injecting originality and efficiency into all forms of corporate marketing. In which all business owners are given complete assistance in expanding their operations to online forums.

Here are the quick snaps of the service list:

  1. Complete Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO/SMM, PPC, YouTube)
  2. Graphics Designing
  3. Web Design & Development
  4. App Development
  5. Content Writing
  6. Business Lead Generation

Their interactive and ROI-driven digital marketing strategies will help your company expand its consumer base, increase its revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.

●    Webaholic

Kolkata-based web solutions provider & digital marketing agency formed in 2009 by Sourav Saha. They’ve built a reputation for themselves by successfully developing and implementing brand strategies. Webaholic is dedicated to redefining the standards of digital marketing in every facet of the industry, including the development of groundbreaking websites and mobile apps, seamless brand management, and expert social media curation.

●    Seven boats Info-System

One of the old digital marketing companies in Kolkata was founded in 2011 by Debajyoti Banerjee. Seven boats Info-System Pvt Ltd is a digital marketing agency based in Kolkata. They provide cutting-edge online marketing services that can take your company to the next level.

They’ve got your back in all areas of digital promotion, from SEO to social media to local search engine optimization. Content marketing (including content strategy, content marketing planning, authoring, social media marketing, online PR, and more all fall under their purview of responsibilities).

●    Promotedge

Formed in Kolkata in 2015 by Avik Guha and Saurav Agarwal. Promoted is a digital marketing company. After years of dedication and success in digital marketing, they expanded from a 5-person team to a 20-person one. Currently, they have over a hundred clients spread over India as well as a staff of fifty.

They provide a wide range of digital services, including web navigation, online advertising, mobile app creation, & search engine optimization (SEO). They boast a crew of experts in digital marketing, all of whom come well-qualified and vetted.

●    Digital Googly

The digital marketing agency Digital Googly is rapidly expanding in Kolkata. Mr.Anurag Chirimar and Mr.Subrata Roy, both of whom have worked in digital sales and marketing for more than a decade, founded the company.

They get a highly skilled team of specialists who are proficient in working on methods that function for business to an exclusive sales & lead in their area, and they have dealt with 250+ customers and assisted companies to have a solid online presence over the years.

●    Sova Infotech

Among digital marketing firms in Kolkata, Sova Infotech is the most prominent. To put it simply, they have built a name for themselves that is respected and well-known in the market. They have a UK office with a staff of 45+ people who can take on projects of any size.

Providing the highest quality output possible within the specified time frame is the company’s primary focus. To promote their clients’ businesses and aid them in producing sales and leads, the organization is constantly on the lookout for fresh and inventive digital marketing strategies. In addition, they have had a major effect on the businesses of their fifty or more clients.

●    Damiracle

Founded in 2009 by Debadrita Bose in Kolkata, Damiracle specializes in digital marketing and web services. They’ve put in a lot of hours in digital marketing, and now they’ve got 300+ clients under their belt. Experts in marketing analytics & strategy formulation work with them to help their clients see a rise in website visitors and revenue.

●    Websys

Before moving to its current domain in 2004, Websys was first run under the domain name, which it used between 2002 and 2004. Websys began operations when the need was established in the market. Now they have become one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata.


As the market grows and expands digital marketing companies in Kolkata have made a name for themselves, these professionals are constantly on the lookout for novel ways to employ digital media.

Is your business need any kind of online promotion assistance? Then our expert will be there to guide you from the basics to advance where you can start your journey with the right ideas on the right track.


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